Fasel did not rule out that he would remain at the head of the IIHF after the date of the election

The head of the International ice hockey Federation Rene Fasel commented on the information that he can stay in office beyond September 2020, when should be held election of a new President of the IIHF. Previously, Fazel said that will definitely leave his post after 26 years of leadership of this organization.

“I listen and make notes. I don’t want to leave the ship in turbulent waters. It would be unfair to my successor. Candidates today are very difficult to campaign in these conditions. If I have to remain in his post for another six months or a year, we’ll see. But I rule new four-year term.

As for moving the world championship in Switzerland for 2021, it is not a priority. It was a difficult decision, we are three weeks had abolished the 19 events. There are certain problems that must be solved, there are expenses that must be covered. I prefer not to panic and calmly work”, — quotes the words Fasel La Regione.


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