Family law: Sonia LeBel launches of the regional consultations

Droit de la famille: Sonia LeBel lance des consultations régionales

Photo: Jacques Boissinot The canadian Press
At the end of the process, two bills will be tabled, but the minister of Justice, Sonia LeBel, did not want to promise that they will be adopted within four years.

In the framework of a reform of the family law, the government Legault will table a bill on parenting and another on the descent, but it does not undertake to make adopt by the end of the mandate.

The minister of Justice, Sonia LeBel, said Friday not wanting to attach to a timeline, but he wanted to carry out this reform will bring ” turmoil “.

Groups have already expressed their disappointment and would have preferred an approach more rapid.

During a press conference at the palais de justice de Trois-Rivières, Ms. LeBel has announced a series of regional consultations on family law from 29 April, until June.

Reformed for the last time in 1985, “the law of the family is more adapted to the universe family quebecers,” she said.

“I am aware that reform of the law of the family will bring upheaval in many aspects of married and family life, it is a subject that affects us all and is very emotional. “

Hence the importance, according to her, to consult with the citizens. The reflection is based on the very thorough report to Me Alain Roy, which was released in 2015.

The reform is intended to protect ” the interests and right of children “, explained the minister. Once the consultations on the parenting ended, another round of consultations, on descent, will be undertaken.

At the end of the process, two bills will be filed, but Ms. LeBel has not wanted to promise that they will be adopted by up to four years.

“I am well guarded to tie me to a schedule. We will see what will result [of the consultations]. I intend to take the time to do things. I would like to be able to complete this reform before the first term, but I don’t make a commitment or a promise. “

Proposals to discuss

Among the proposals that will be explored : spouses may be subject to certain obligations to one another, whether they are married or in a de facto union, one can read in a presentation document.

“Maintenance obligations arising from marriage, gave as an example the minister. A couple who is not married and does not have the same obligations to one another. Is it that we want that all legal obligations arising simply out of a marriage or the birth of a child ? “

According to the document, the parents could be subject to three measures :

a contribution on the part of each of them to the family expenses, in proportion to their respective faculty ;

the protection of the family residence where the family lives that are the parents and their child together ;

the establishment of a new mechanism of compensatory allowance parental aiming to enable the compensation of economic disadvantages disproportionately suffered by one of the parents because of the support of the common child.

Groups disappointed

The Federation of associations of single-parent families and stepfamilies in Quebec would have preferred the minister to quickly a bill, since consultations have already been carried out by the Chamber of notaries.

The Federation wants to, inter alia, that common law spouses are included in the civil Code with the same obligations as married people, said its director, Sylvie Levesque, in an interview with The canadian Press.


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