F1 – GP Emilia Romagna 2021: Six out of the way

    F1 – GP Emilia Romagna 2021: Six out of the way

    HAas I already warned before starting the World Championship that I was taking the car out for the first race, the one held in Bahrin, and it would arrive practically the same as the last one. With the biggest rule change just around the corner, costing a lot of money and hours, and two rookie drivers, the transitional season soon became apparent to them.

    “It will be a year of transition and from next week we will only work in the wind tunnel for 2022. If all goes well, we will not do anything with the 2021 car, “they warned a month ago, the day they presented this year’s car, with the new Ferrari engine, that’s where they will be thanks to the refurbished Italian engine.

    But after just one race, Haas can rest assured that he is not alone in the battle to become a mobile chicane in every race. If they are already one second per lap from the greats on Sundays, each grand prize that the rest improve and they stay in place will be slower and more dangerous, folded several times during the test.

    “This season is transitional and we are fully focused on the 2022 rule change,” repeats Jost Capito, now CEO of Williams, a team that did not score in 2020 and that this year could come out of the last position seen as the others are.

    There is almost nothing we can do with the 2021 car. We will fight during the season, we will attack, but we know that our possibilities are limited, “adds Capito.

    Sakhir (Bahrain), 27/03/2021.- Finnish Formula One driver Kimi lt;HIT gt;Raikkonen lt;/HIT gt; of Alfa Romeo Racing ORLEN in action during the third practice session of the 2021 Formula One Grand Prix of Bahrain at the Sakhir circuit near Manama, Bahrain, 27 March 2021. The 2021 Bahrain Formula One race will take place on 28 March 2021. (Frmula Uno, Bahrein, Roma) EFE/EPA/VALDRIN XHEMAJVALDRIN XHEMAJEFE


    The other calamity is closed by Alfa Romeo, which last year surpassed the previous two with 8 points, by 3 from Haas and 0 from Williams. “The improvements that we are going to make cool for the second race of the season were completed two or three weeks ago”Jan Monchaux, technical chief of the Swiss team, assured yesterday. “And the engineers are already being led towards the 2022 project, which is already underway,” he adds.

    “The car was four and a half or five seconds behind everyone and we still suffer from that,” he says, recalling the fall of Sauber, now Alfa Romeo, since the changes introduced in 2017. “If you start with a handicap of this guy under these rules, it’s over. You won’t pick it up again, so it is extremely important to us that the first car we make with the new set of very different rules is fine. In this way we will ensure that there is never again such a massive handicap in which we are constantly suffering so as not to be the last or the penultimate, “he analyzes.

    They all have their reasons, legitimate, and although they are the first, they will not be the last. Alpine already looks askance at 2022 and the rest will fall like ripe fruit as the championship progresses faced with the historic opportunity to jump several years in time in the span of just one winter thanks to the wild new technical regulation of 2022.

    Those who remain in the fight for the title, Mercedes and Red Bull, will be the only ones who predictably stretch their improvements to the end.

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