Extinguished: it’s hard to fit in with Red bull, this team is built Verstappen

The pilot “alpha Tauri” Pierre went Out said that last season failed to match the results of max Verstappen in Red bull, as the whole Austrian team worked exclusively on the pilot from the Netherlands.

“That period of his career could be much better. If we talk about returning to Red bull, that during that time I learned a lot. Although at the moment, this season, I’m only interested in statement for the “alpha Tauri”. All my energy is directed at it. I want to stay in Formula 1 at any cost.

Was it difficult to fit into the “team Verstappen”? Yes, it’s true. Every racer would like that team was built for him. As is the case with Red bull and max.

But don’t forget, Formula 1 is a team sport. You can succeed only if the whole team works smoothly. The results do not depend only on some pilots. For the success of all team members must give yourself completely”, — quotes the words Faded GrandPX.news.

We will remind, went Out in the course of the season-2019 left “Red bull”, replaced Alexander Mirel Albon.

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