EXCLUDED – Sophie Davant, confined, look at the tv and judge harshly

EXCLU – Sophie Davant, confinée, se regarde à la télévision et se juge sévèrement

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Sophie Davant is currently confined in his secondary residence, located close to the sea. The host of France 2, who does not like to remain inactive, occupies especially the afternoons looking at a bargain. Very thorough in her work, she can be very critical of itself., as she said during an interview at the Gala.

If it is necessary, the confinement is not simple for everyone. Sophie Davant, it has the chance to be in his secondary residence, located not far from the sea.While she now has time for her, the mother of Valentine and Nicholas took the opportunity to look at it’s a bargain. A program that it knows well, since it the anime since the start of 2017… And the least we can say is that this last, known to be strict and perfectionist, can be very critical with the image that she reflects in the small window : ” It turns out that when I work, I have fun, especially to watch my friends buyers (present in the room of sales, editor’s note). I look with an eye of professional. There are lots of things that annoy me, that I try to correct, recognizes that that part faces the headlights of the afternoons of France 2. “Look, it can always improve. Nothing is ever taken for granted in this business. You must always question it and I do it constantly , assure Sophie Davant.

Separated from her children during this period, the presenter of France 2 is in effect gone from a busy to a total inactivity.But this did not last long. In order to take care physically and mentally, Sophie Davant multiplies the activities since she lives confined. When she didn’t look at her program comfortably installed in his bed, it is dedicated to her new writing project, which occupies several hours each day, and is also a regular physical activityto stay in shape.

Numbers are unpublished for a bargain broadcast “until the beginning of may”

At the present time, France 2 broadcasts, each afternoon, of the numbers inédits d’a done Deal. But then, until when the chain she will be able to propose ? Before the containment measures come into force, Sophie Davant and his staff have ” gone to great lengths “ in order to stay present on this box : ” We shot six broadcasts per day, for three days straight. You should be able to propose emissions unpublished 17 hours, at least until the beginning of may. So this, this is good news “, announced the facilitator. And to conclude : ” In a period of containment and with a lot more people to the television, one achieves record audience in number of viewers. It is comforting for us to say that the people who are in front of their television choose a done Deal, observe Sophie Davant. What a smile on her face in this period of crisis…


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