EXCLUDED – Philippe Bas (Profiling) : he admits to having been ” a time bomb “

EXCLU – Philippe Bas (Profilage) : il confie avoir été « une bombe à retardement »

Discreet, Philip Low speaks little, or no, of his private life. Commander Thomas Rock series Profiling (broadcast on TF1, on Thursday night), however, has granted an interview with the magazine Gala, in which he opens his heart.

Thursday, march 26, TF1 will broadcast another episode of season 10 of Profiling, and this will be the last (unfortunately for many fans) because the string suspends the programming for an undetermined time. In this unit, entitled Wolves, the actor Philippe Bas , which embodies eight years ago, captain Thomas Rock found its new partner, Sh ym, and the actor Jean-Michel Martial, missing since. On this occasion, he told the magazine Gala.

On screen, Philip Low is unmarried and without children. Has the city also. But the actor who, a decade ago, shared the life of Lorie, he is not afraid of commitment. Quite to the contrary. It aspires to this. He explains, will be separated from his last girlfriendthere are still a lot of time“. “It was a quite long history, six years, my longest, quite important in my life, “he said. It was also the last step to understand yet some things on an emotional level.

“I have long been a kind of ticking time bomb filled with emotions”

Introspective, the super sexy Philip Low says his vision of love. “I have long been a kind of ticking time bomb filled with emotions that I never mastered not necessarily, that I didn’t even know, “he says. Someone deeply hurt. What are the dating strong and beautiful in love as in friendship that I have made, which have helped me to understand, to understand me. These relationships have made me grow. It is this that makes me say today that I have absolutely no fear of commitment, on the contrary, it is my goal to love and be loved. There is that what counts as reality.” About that, that’s for sure, don’t fall into the ear of a(e) deaf(e) !

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