Erling Haaland: When words fail, goals speak | Bundesliga – German football on DW. | DW

    Erling Haaland: When words fail, goals speak | Bundesliga – German football on DW. | DW

    The young Borussia Dortmund sensation is a meteoric talent, an area predator, a short-fuse missile – even because of his gestures on the pitch when a pass is not accurate (although Marco Reus is not rude), a “baby face “All-rounder. Haaland shows no fear of his rival, nor of the press. The Norwegian is the terror of any defense, and of any journalist.

    Like any other figure, his life as a footballer goes beyond the rectangle and the ninety minutes. In everything he does, he has the luxury of pleasing with his impudence.

    There is no period of time that will not pass

    We are facing a generational change in the great football figures of the world. The Messi-Ronaldo duo is a spaceship that is back on Earth. Today the Argentine’s long hair is a two-tone beard, and that slick CR7 look looks less streamlined in his family photos on Instagram.

    Without detracting from his presence, Zlatan Ibrahimovic himself is also on the way out. Thus, the heirs seek to replicate the exploits of their – clearly – idols; and it looks like they’re just starting engines. Kylian Mbappé and Erling Haaland “are just warming up”, “Ibra” would say. How much youth and talent. How much speed on those scoring feet. How cheeky.

    Kylian Mbappé

    Today any elite team would like to have this pair. Perhaps French would be a first option, simply because of your CV and experience. But time will take care of putting Haaland in his place: Manchester United, Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid, Manchester City or Tottenham are some of the names that echo among those interested in signing the Norwegian. The telenovela of the summer signing has a first and last name. But to our protagonist it seems that nothing takes him out of his center. He adapts his coolness to any setting and lets his numbers do the talking.

    When asked by any journalist to know the opinion of his future, no matter when, surely the conversation would go more or less like this:

    – They want you in the best leagues in the world, what do you think about it?
    – Yes I love it…
    – Would you like to play in any of these teams?
    – Sure…
    – Because?
    – Why not?

    Let your game do the talking

    At only 20 years old, Erling has all kinds of reflectors on him, something usual among superstars. He gets excited about the new FIFA and plays around knowing the performance score that the famous video game has given him and his teammates. He’s already a media guy, like it or not. The simplicity of his actions and statements is striking. As if at that level of competitiveness there was no pressure.

    Maradona said in an interview when he was directing in Mexican soccer: “We soccer players do not have pressure. Pressure comes from those who do not have to feed their children.” Haaland seems the same boy who played without pressure during his beginnings, when He had perhaps the same concerns: enjoying life, playing video games, scoring goals and talking little.

    Erling Haaland: When words fail, goals speak | Bundesliga – German football on DW. | DW

    A dream year for the Norwegian

    Erling Haaland has scored 34 goals in 37 games in the Bundesliga since he arrived at Dortmund at the beginning of 2020. Another 20 in 15 Champions League games make the sum more juicy. Everything seems to indicate that very soon Haaland will be “the superstar who once wore the colors of Borussia Dortmund.” With the coolness that accompanies the Nordic cliché, the world prepares for how much he still has to say.

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