Eric Lord: for a greener regional capital

Trois-Rivières – If we were to summarize in a few words the vision transferred by the candidate to the mayor of Trois-Rivières Éric Lord through his electoral program, it would be to make Trois-Rivières a greener city that will quickly resume its place and play its role as regional capital within the Mauricie region.
Through many measures proposed by the candidate, whoever is director general of Culture Mauricie is clearly positioned as a regionalist, which he does not hide elsewhere. “As a regional stakeholder, to go further on certain issues, the regional level is the best level to succeed and I think the City of Trois-Rivières must exercise this positive leadership. Certainly, we will have to reinvent a model of regional consultation. I think there is a fracture right now, “says Lord.

Thus, both by the implementation of a regional strategy of retention of labor and territorial marketing than by its well-decided positions on the outright abolition of the supralocal tariffs to replace them by a universal access card -Sport more accessible to families outside Trois-Rivières, Eric Lord brings, in interviews, positions assumed and documented for many issues.

Its ecological transition plan with financial incentives to eliminate the polluting heating systems of the Trois-Rivières houses is one of those highly accepted positions. “I am shocked to see that WHO regards Trois-Rivières as the most polluted city in Quebec in terms of air quality. The environment is probably the main reason why I chose to make the leap into politics. At the municipal level, we have the capacity to play a role in this, “he says, recalling at the same time various measures proposed, including financial incentives for planting trees on private land, the increase in 12% to 17% of protected areas on the territory of the city as well as the allocation of one third of the annual surpluses released by the municipal administration to environmental measures.

Alan Carter
Alan Carter
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