Eric Furlatt scoop

Trois-Rivières – Eric Furlatt’s season is over.
I mpliqué despite himself in the spectacular rise of the San Jose Sharks in the seventh game of the series that pitted the Golden Knights, native experienced official Mauricie was informed that his services were not required for the second series round that began Thursday night.

The other referee in charge during this duel, Dan O’Halloran, was also sent on vacation. Furlatt and O’Halloran imposed a major penalty on Cody Eakin at the end of the match on Tuesday night, during which the Sharks scored no less than four goals. The Golden Knights led 3-0 at the time of the controversial decision, they finally folded 5-4 in overtime.

But in the video recovery, it is clear that the double-failure of Eakin touched the chest of Joe Pavelski and not his head. Rather, it was a collision with Paul Stastny when he was out of balance after suffering a double-strike following a face-off, which injured Pavelski.

Golden Knights general manager George McPhee said Thursday during his end-of-season report that the National League had apologized for the incident. “They made a mistake and I’m sure they feel bad about it,” McPhee said.

Alan Carter
Alan Carter
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