Emmanuel Macron, ” disoriented “, called Didier Raoult : this is Brigitte, who has convinced

Emmanuel Macron, « déboussolé », a appelé Didier Raoult : c'est Brigitte qui l'a convaincu

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As beloved as criticized, the professor Didier Raoult is one of the personalities to the most controversial of the health crisis that is currently going through France, affected as many other countries in the world by the pandemic of sars coronavirus. A time embarrassed by his pronouncements of high-profile, Emmanuel Macron has finally made a step towards the scientist, encouraged by his wife Brigitte Macron.

Who other than Brigitte Macron to push her husband to question ? Central character in the life of Emmanuel Macron, the First lady knows how to show persuasive in the face of her husband and never hesitated to him up the straps when it feels that it is wrong. While France is currently experiencing a health crisis exceptional and is fighting to stem the pandemic of the coronavirus, which has already left hundreds dead, the president of the Republic has recently resigned to speak with the professor Didier Raoult, a size of the medical community propelled onto the front of the stage after you have proclaimed to have found a cure to fight against the coronavirus.

A big mouth assumed a straight talk confusing… So many characteristics that have put in the embarrassment Emmanuel Macron and his team for several days, before the head of State changed his mind, on the advice of Brigitte Macron. “There are differences of opinion at the heart of the State, to the point that Brigitte and Emmanuel Macron, disoriented, took care to call the virologist“, explain to our colleagues from Paris Match, which put in light the questions of media policy and medical : “Didier Raoult is he a crank or a visionary too little heard in this health crisis ?“.

Chloroquine at the heart of debates

Pushed” by his wife, the president of the Republic, therefore, would have “ordained” that we listen to the scientist, who has already attracted other political figures including the mayor of Nice Christian Estrosi, tested positive for the coronavirus, accused of reaching out to Didier Raoult. For the time being, despite the talks, nothing has yet been drawn about the usefulness of chloroquine, which is still a debate within the scientific community.


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