Emmanuel Macron compared to Tigger, the tiger harmless Disney

Emmanuel Macron comparé à Tigrou, le tigre inoffensif de Disney

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While the president of the Republic is struggling with the pandemic of sars coronavirus and containment undecided delves a little more French in the blur, the newspaper Marianne has fun vocabulary warrior Emmanuel Macron and does not hesitate to compare it to a nice and harmless Disney character, the famous Tigger.

Tigger, this nice little tiger, a character from Walt Disney that we could see in The adventures of Winnie the pooh. “Tigger”, that’s how the weekly newspaper Marianne, on newsstands this Thursday, march 26, nicknamed today Emmanuel Macron. Currently facing the outbreak of coronavirus, which is increasingly spread in France and in the world, the president of the Republic (which came into contact with professor Didier Raoult) seems to be, if it is not to be exceeded, in any case, be hardly reassuring as to the situation. This is apparently what seems to think – like Ségolène Royal – the writing of Marianne.

In opposition to the “Tiger” Georges Clemenceau, known as the “Father of Victory” for his feats of weapon during the First world War, Emmanuel Macron has thus been called the nickname the nice “Tigger”, being compared to a character, a dreamer and innocent, not at all prepared for this battle, and who share “war with a wooden sword”, as the hammers Jack Dion in his editorial for the weekly newspaper, the day after his speech to Mulhouse : “Emmanuel Macron gave a speech commenced at the time of the newscast in the evening, proof that the art of communication is perfectly mastered. So, Tigger was able to show off his small claws. The eye fixed on the blue line of cameras, the tiger plush has multiplied strokes chin manly, admonitions and final proclamations combatives.”

But what is especially criticized by the columnist to the current head of State, what are its omissions. When he calls to support today’s care-givers that it compares precisely to the hero, he fails to remember that these same caregivers were welcomed by the CRS when they were protesting to prevent that the hospital was in the process of asphyxiation. An editorial shot red cannon balls against the president so, where you can also read : “We advise small Tigger to abandon his soldiers to lead, to come back to Earth, of less play the matamores, not to be taken for what it is not.” A general ready to go to “war”, as he himself describes this situation ? The future will tell.

Emmanuel Macron comparé à Tigrou, le tigre inoffensif de Disney

Tigger Disney


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