Emelianenko: Shlemenko walks and looks down on all. I have one such relative

Russian mixed martial arts fighter Alexander Emelianenko has commented on a possible fight with Alexander Shlemenko.

“Yes, I do not hurt his words that he’s not afraid of me and is ready to replace Michael Koklyaev. I do not follow Shlemenko. He’s got a list of fights… I’m crazy. Maybe I saw a couple of tournaments with him. Recently, by chance saw one or two fights. It is not interesting to me. None of his interviews not seen. He doesn’t even like me as a person. Highly arrogant, this sky-high opinion of himself. Goes and all looks down, his head thrown back. He is so right, the best, the most. I have one the same relative”, — quotes the words of Alexander Emelianenko “Match TV”.


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