Eloise van Oranje shows up in De Slimste Mens

Eloise van Oranje shows up in De Slimste Mens

Eloise, the eldest grandchild of Princess Beatrix, can be seen in the Open Door round, in which famous Dutch people ask the candidates of The smartest person. That makes the program known on their own Instagram channel.

It is not the first time that Eloise has appeared in the program. She had previously been part of the game show, as a question. The candidates then had to give five answers that matched Eloise’s life.

While Eloise won’t be in any of the three seats, there are plenty of other well-known candidates competing this season. Under the guidance of quizmaster Philip Freriks and strict but fair jury member Maarten van Rossem, Dennis Weening, Marc-Marie Huijbregts, Barbara Barend, Ellen ten Damme, Najib Amhali, Caroline van der Plas and Laurens Dassen take the seats. The candidates who will kick off the season are Bert Visscher, Daphne Deckers and Sergio Vyent.

RTL Boulevard spoke with a number of candidates who will take a leap of faith this season and have their intelligence tested, in front of an audience of millions. Logically they are nervous. They talk about it in the video below.

The smartest person can be seen every day from Monday 12 July on NPO 2, at 20:30.

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