Elizabeth II, confined to Windsor, attends one of her dogs cherish

Elizabeth II, confinée à Windsor, s'occupe seule de ses chiens chéris

Queen Elizabeth II, confined since the 19th of march, at Windsor Castle, with her husband, Prince Philip, arrived accompanied by his most faithful allies : her dorgis, Candy and Vulcan. Allies of a shock to be faced against adversity.

Two small pointed ears. You could only see it through the tiles of the limousine of Elizabeth II 19th march last. The monarch, who left the Buckingham Palace, to get to Windsor castle, to be confined was accompanied by a guest of quality : his dog, Candy, a Dorgi. The passion of the grand-mother of prince Harry – not to see his father, Prince Charles reached for the coronavirus -, for the dog was never out of breath since she was given at the age of eight by his father, king George VI, his first corgy, named Dookie.

Easily recognizable with its head of a fox, its fur beige and white, and her silhouette short on leg, it was the first of a long line. The queen, whose state of health raises no concern to have owned thirty of which some have even participated in the short film screened during the London Olympic Games in 2012, where the queen appeared alongside Daniel Craig. Whisper, the last of this line died at the end of October 2018.

The queen watching their diet now, they are Candy and Vulcan, her dorgis, a junction between the dachshund and the Welsh Corgy Pembroke, who shall ensure that on the sovereign and on her husband, prince Philip, arrived by helicopter from Sandringham, one of the residences of the british family in Norfolk. And this last does. For her dogs, the queen shows a great requirement. No question of a bowl in plastic, their menu must be balanced, with portions of meats, grains and vegetables.

According to dr. Roger Mugford psychologist and behaviorist animal, which was entrusted to the Telegraph, the dogs of his Majesty have usually see their feed supplemented by homeopathy and plants. And when the latter were the more numerous, the sovereign had the tradition of making install in arc-of-circle around it to be able to give them to eat one by one. “The sovereign has a very clear idea of how we need to take care of the dogs. It does not tolerate wickedness “, also explained the specialist. In short, a royal service !


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