El Clsico: Real Madrid vs Barcelona: Everything you need to know about the Clsico Espaol; the complete guide … figures, the ideal eleven and the story

    El Clsico: Real Madrid vs Barcelona: Everything you need to know about the Clsico Espaol; the complete guide … figures, the ideal eleven and the story

    El Classic Spanish, disputed between Real Madrid and Barcelona, It is one of the most important matches of the year. Regardless of whether or not you are a fan of any of these teams, the next Saturday April 10 the whole world was paralyzed for 90 minutes thanks to the search of both teams for the first place of the standings, which currently occupies the Atltico de Madrid.

    This match is expected to be full of emotions, especially since the Barcelona, that comes with some motivation after five wins in five matches and with a Lionel Messi that every time he looks happier, he can surpass the Atltico de Madrid, in case of achieving the victory, and sleep, even if it is on Saturday night, as absolute leaders.

    The case of the merengue club is not very different, since they come from beat Liverpool in the first leg of the Champions League quarter-final with a huge performance of Vinicius Jr, who made a double, while Marco Asensio scored his fourth score in four straight games. In the event of the white victory, those of Real Madrid will be positioned with the same number of points as ‘Atleti’, 66.

    Meringues Why do they call Real Madrid that? This is the story

    The term ‘merengue’ dates from the very creation of the white team, which since its inception uses the color white as an emblem of the same club. This color was chosen as part of a tribute to London’s Corinthian, team that had a white dress, very similar to the color of the meringue.

    This term began to become famous during the journalistic reports of the games played by Real Madrid, but it was not until the now deceased announcer Matas Prats Caete he began to use it regularly in his programs or narrations on Spanish radio.

    Culs What is the reason for this nickname for Barcelona?

    The term ‘which’ has a somewhat peculiar origin, since, since the creation of the club, the Barcelona played at home in a small stadium on Industrial Street, This building only had two floors of a grandstand, so every time any game was played, the stadium was completely full.

    Thanks to the large crowds in the stadium, fans who liked to see the Catalan club play should sit on top of the building’s walls, so the people who walked around the stadium, the first thing they saw were the buttocks of these people who were sitting, and from then on they were called “culers” which means “ass” in Spanish, this word being pronounced in Castilian as “culs”.

    Who are the historical figures of the Spanish Classic? Top 10

    Real Madrid:

    • Alfredo Di Stfano: Top scorer in the history of the Classics by the ‘merengue’ club. Alfredo has remained in the history of the galactics thanks to the achievement of five Champions League in the 50s.
    • Cristiano Ronaldo: Top scorer in the history of the club and tied with Di Stfano as the top scorers in the history of the Spanish Classics, with 18 goals for each.
    • Ral Gonzlez: With 15 appearances in a Spanish Classic, Ral is definitely one of the players that comes to mind when mentioning Real Madrid.
    • Hugo Snchez: One of the great scorers of the merengue club, he managed to score 10 times against Barcelona in official matches, recognized worldwide for its Chileans against great teams.
    • Sergio Ramos: Considered one of the best central defenders in the club’s history, Ramos is the player with the most appearances in the white club’s more than 100-year history, in a Spanish Classic, with a total of 45.


    • Lionel Messi: Top scorer of the Spanish Classics with a total of 26 annotations in 18 league games, 6 in the Super Cup and 2 in the Champions League.
    • Csar Rodrguez: One of the historic scorers of the Catalan club with a total of 14 goals in Spanish Classics.
    • Xavi Hernndez: Historic player who witnessed a total of 42 matches of this magnitude.
    • Andrs Iniesta: Considered one of the best midfielders in the history of sport, the ‘ghost’ played a total of 39 Clsicos during more than 15 years in the squad ‘cul’.
    • Carles Puyol: Historical defense of Barcelona, ​​characterized by his passion and strength when defending. Puyol has become one of the most important players in the club’s history, thanks to his more than 30 Clsicos played.

    What is the historical 11 of Real Madrid?

    Will wear:

    Iker Casillas: Belonging to the squad from 1999 to 2015, he is the second player with the most games played at the club.


    Marquitos: Eight years at the club where they won a total of 6 Spanish leagues and 5 consecutive European Cups.

    Sergio Ramos: Captain of the Madrid squad since 2015, he is considered the best central defender in the club’s history.

    Sanchs: Winner of the Champions League in 1998 and 2000, he was an essential member of the “Quinta del Buitre”.

    Roberto Carlos: One of the best left backs that football has given, he has served for eleven years in the white box, managing to win a total of four leagues, and three Champions League, among other trophies.


    Fernando Hierro: Almost 15 years in the merengue club, he became one of the players with the most games played, 601, in which he scored a total of 127 times.

    Mchel: Madridista from birth, he won 16 titles with Real Madrid and belonged to the “Quinta del Buitre”.

    Paco Gento: Upon his retirement after 18 years at the white club, Gento became the team’s third top scorer.

    Alfredo Di Stfano: Emblem of Real Madrid, he won five consecutive European Cups with the meringues, in addition to being one of the great historical scorers of the club.

    Ral: A reference of the white club, he became one of the most important players in the club’s history, thanks to his scoring records, appearances with the club and the number of titles achieved.

    What is the historical 11 of Barcelona?

    Will wear:

    Zubizarreta: He conquered the European championship in 1992 and was designated The Best Player of Spain in 1987.


    Segarra: A member of the club which for more than 15 years, he was part of one of the generations that developed the best football in the club’s history.

    Koeman: Current technical director of the club, he was a fundamental part of the club’s resurgence during the 1990s.

    Carles Puyol: Considered one of the best centers in the history of sport, he was a fundamental part of Pep Guardiola’s great Barcelona.

    Dani Alves: A member of the club for eight years, he became one of the great right-backs in the club’s history.


    Without a doubt, Barcelona has had in its midfield great stars in the history of sport, two of them, players of the 21st century, such as Xavi Hernndez and Andrs Iniesta, accompanied by one of the most revolutionary football players, Johan Cruyff.


    Kubala: Voted by fans of the Catalan club as the best player in the club’s history, being one of the most dangerous players for all the defenders who faced the Hungarian during the 50s.

    Ronaldinho: Characterized by his way of smiling and with such contagious football, ‘Dinho’ has been one of the players that will remain in the club’s memory for a lifetime.

    Lionel Messi: Considered by many to be the best soccer player in history, raised in La Masa, he is the current historical scorer of Ftbol Club Barcelona with more than 660 annotations.

    When and at what time is Real Madrid vs Barcelona played in 2021?

    The first Spanish Classic of 2021 will be played in Madrid, specifically at the Alfredo Di Stfano stadium, this April 10th, o’clock at 2:00 p.m. and be broadcast live on the signal of the SKY satellite television system, Meanwhile in BRAND Claro We will bring you the minute by minute and all the coverage of the actions.

    Real Madrid vs Barcelona | Jornada 30 | LaLiga

    • When is the game? | Saturday April 10, 2021
    • What time is the game? | 2:00 p.m., Central Mexico time
    • Where is the game? Alfredo Di Stefano Stadium
    • Transmission? | You can see this game live on the SKY Sports signal, on channels 516 and 1516, while on MARCA Claro we will have minute by minute and all the coverage.


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