Efimov told about the measures to combat coronavirus in Los Angeles

Russian swimmer Yulia Efimova told about measures being taken in the US because of the pandemic coronavirus.

“In Los Angeles all sports facilities closed. While it is possible to visit the beaches, but it is unclear how long it will last. Now you can go Jogging, swimming in the ocean. In addition there are home exercises: push-UPS, twisting to the press.

It’s a shame that you’ve already got good form. It would be a pity to lose it. Despite the rescheduling of the Olympic games, I hope that this year there will be other competitions. In particular, the European championship scheduled to be held in August. It is morally difficult to maintain good form without competitions”, — quotes Efimov “RT in Russian”.

Earlier it became known that the government of Japan has agreed with the International Olympic Committee (IOC) the transfer of the Olympic games in Tokyo in 2021.


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