Ecclestone: wolf can become the main Executive Director of “Aston Martin”

The former owner of Formula 1 Bernie Ecclestone believes that in the near future Toto Wolff could leave the “Mercedes” and take the position of CEO in “Aston Martin”.

“Toto Wolff, became more friendly with Lawrence Strolla. He’s got the brains to choose the right friends, so I think we will likely see him join the Alliance Stroll in “Aston Martin”.

From Lawrence, there are a few people in the team, the group bought control of the company. I think that wolf may be there as a chief Executive officer. It might work”, — quotes Ecclestone GPFans.

It is noteworthy that during the meeting of the working group of Formula 1 wolf was in Australia with Lawrence Strolla, and Mercedes was represented at the meeting, the technical Director of the team James Ellison.


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