Ecclestone, who is preparing to become a father at 89 years old, can get into the Guinness Book of records

Yesterday, 2 April, it became known that eks-the head of the head of Formula 1, 89-year-old Bernie Ecclestone is preparing to become a father for the fourth time. Honorary President of the f-1 awaits the birth of a son.

The news caused a great resonance, and in the media mentioned that Ecclestone could get into the Guinness Book of records.

Today, the eldest daughter of Ecclestone 65 years. Thus, the difference between the oldest and youngest child Bernie is 65 years.

Record the difference between children born of the same mother is 41 years old. The maximum difference between the children born from the same father, but different mothers is 64 years, so Ecclestone has a chance to enter in the Guinness Book of records for this indicator. In addition, the former head of Formula 1 will enter the top 10 of the most age of the fathers world for history, reports Grandprix247.

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