Ecclestone: the FIA was not supposed to publish the agreement with Ferrari. What they have agreed?

The former head of Formula 1 Bernie Ecclestone has criticized the FIA for the announcement of the agreement with Ferrari. February 28, the Federation announced that it had reached with the “Scuderia” agreement concerning the investigation of the power plants of the Italian team. In a press release stressed that the agreement is classified.

“I think the FIA was not supposed to do so. They issued a press release in which it said the agreement with Ferrari. But what does that mean? What they have agreed? Or Ferrari didn’t break the rules, but FIA wants to ban their decision in the future. In all other cases, I don’t understand how can there be agreement.

You can have an agreement that says, “Well, you are 100% broke the rules, but there’s nothing we can do about it, so estrafem you.”

At the time of the espionage scandal, we have fined McLaren $ 100 million What have been the alternative? The President of the FIA Max Mosley wanted to throw them out of the championship. I said to him: “are You going to exclude them for two years, but their absence may be delayed for a longer time, and it is not an option.” We did not want this development, so fined them for the money they could earn. So we did” — quoted Ecclestone RaceFans.


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