Ecclestone: I have nothing to be afraid of the coronavirus

The former head of Formula 1 Bernie Ecclestone is in Brazil on his farm, located near são Paulo. The area is completely closed for entry and exit and is controlled by the government. Residents allowed to leave home only by extreme necessity. In these circumstances, Ecclestone is sure that he should not be afraid of coronavirus infection.

“I have nothing to be afraid of the coronavirus. However, do not feel that the government has an agreement on the question of how to contain the pandemic in this great country. But this applies to many politicians.

It is striking how policy differ during the crisis. Take, for example, US. Trump any order, and people in new York do anyway. This leads to uncertainty in the masses. The best example is Germany. Politicians forget their differences and speak the same language. As it should be.

Personally I’m not that stuck on the farm. This is not a problem, there is always something to do. I have never had so much information about the behavior of chickens. Now collect the eggs” — quoted Ecclestone’s Auto Bild.

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