Ecclestone: Hamilton will not succeed at Ferrari

The former head of Formula 1 Bernie Ecclestone believes that the current world champion Lewis Hamilton is not thinking about leaving Mercedes. In his opinion, it is unlikely that the British would succeed in the Ferrari.

“In the place of Lewis I would have stayed in the Mercedes. He’s comfortable with the team, he has the full support of Toto Wolff. Hamilton has nothing to Ferrari. They’re Italian. First of all he would have to learn Italian to understand what they’re saying behind him. The problem with Italians is that they don’t want to argue with anyone, don’t want to fight. Instead, they propose to solve issues over dinner and say they want to be friends.

If I led the team, which serves Hamilton, it would reduce his salary. I’d give him complete freedom to question the signing of sponsorship contracts. Mercedes trying to control it, I wouldn’t do it.

As for his future career, he should not be racing just to beat the record Schumacher. It needs to pursue a career only in that case, if you still want to race”, — quotes Ecclestone Planet F1.


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