EBANS Bike Park. Mountain Biking in the Huasteca, Where to practice it

    EBANS Bike Park. Mountain Biking in the Huasteca, Where to practice it

    If you are a extreme sports lover or do you like to play sports and exercise in large spaces and at the same time be in contact with nature, practice Mountain biking It can be an experience that can be one of the best adventures in your life.

    Practice this mountain sport can help improve your physical, mental and emotional condition, if you’ve ever thought about where to practice it in the area And you do not know where to go, because you are tired of just walking around in the Carpenter’s Lagoon o la Miramar beach bike path, this may interest you.

    Very close to Tampico, it’s found Ebans Bike Park, located in the city of Ebony, on the Huasteca Potosina, just a few minutes from the southern metropolitan area of ​​Tamaulipas.

    In the mountain biking park you can practice this sport; in interview for MILENIO Tamaulipas, the park coordinators told us everything you need to know to spend a weekend full of energy, doing this sport.

    Miguel Marquez, communication coordinator in the park he mentioned that he came to Tampico from Aguascalientes and in Tamaulipas he met the group of young people who make up the staff of Ebans Bike Park.

    Cycling brings people together

    Marquez, I detail how the idea of ​​creating the park to practice extreme sport in the Huasteca, what once served as the training place for cyclists, today is available to the general public.

    “We began to gather a group of friends looking for descents to practice mountain biking, but to achieve it we had to travel.”

    “From there the bike park, from the need to try new disciplines and improve our techniques, as well as increase the level of our movements on the bicycle and to do this, we had to travel “

    One of the founders had a vacant lot, we supported him with the construction of the park and hired Mau de Avila, a professional with international recognition in the construction of parks and maintenance of cycling tracks.

    The only park with the characteristics in the area is located in the city of Ebony in San Luis Potosí, just a few minutes away from Tampico.

    Families enjoy the park

    Clinics are held on site by coordinators of Ebans Bike Park, In addition, families come to enjoy a weekend to live together and practice sports.

    “We seek to promote family coexistence, people arrive with their awnings, their grill and make their roast meat, while the children learn to ride a bicycle in the clinics taught by my colleagues, who are experts in the discipline”

    The place is not only for extreme sports, from BMX to children, everyone can practice the sport in the place, the park is designed for everyone, practice any type of discipline with cyclists.

    In the place there are personnel for first aid care, in the event of an accident, they have an emergency plan for the timely attention of the athlete.

    What happens if a tire goes flat? Do not worry!

    In the park there are staff to support you if your bicycle has a mechanical problem, it is a mobile cycling, to help all cyclists who have problems during their stay in the park.

    Cycling encourages tourism

    Athletes from State Hidsomething they traveled to the Huasteca to practice mountain biking in Ebans Bike Park, They also seek to create the tour every weekend so that you have one more transfer option and be able to arrive.

    “We were visited by a group of approximately 20 people who came from Huejutla, Hidalgo to practice a weekend in the park, in addition to this a special unit is being prepared to transport bicycles and take people to the place and be more comfortable their transfer “.

    Why go mountain biking?

    As we already mentioned, help your mind, body and soul. If you thought that to practice Mountain biking just take the bike you use in the city and head to the mountain, you should consider that it goes much further than this. Mountain biking, also known as MTB for its acronym in English –mountain bike-, is considered a extreme sport But don’t worry!

    It is a competition that takes place on natural circuits, almost always through forests or narrow paths, with steep slopes and very fast descents. There are different specialties of this sport:

    • Cross Country o Rally (XC): It is the best known variant and consists of the competition for ascending and descending terrain.
    • Downhill: is a term related to descending routes.
    • Uphill: Unlike the previous one, it is about ascent races. The winner is the one who manages to travel the greatest distance in the shortest time possible.
    • Cross Country Olympics: it is a competition that follows Olympic standards.
    • XCR: It is a competition in which relays are given at the end of the race.
    • XCE: It consists of a modality in which the last one to reach the goal is eliminated.

    Taking all the pertinent precautions, now you have more reasons to start exercising through mountain biking; The body and mind will thank you Cheer up!

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