Dynamo defender: During the quarantine went to the village, because their parents need help in the garden

The player spends free time with parents.

Защитник Динамо: Во время карантина уехал в село, ведь родителям нужна помощь на огороде

The defender of Dynamo Kiev, Denis Popov in an interview to the press service of the club said what during the quarantine.

“All right, the first week of the quarantine was in Kiev, in the main, rested, played FIFA on the Play Station. And after it was extended for another week, went to the village to parents, they live in a private home.

Help with the housework, trying to make maximum benefit, but be sure to follow the rules of quarantine. Also mandatory training, perform the exercises from the individual program that we were given, although there are no specific conditions for this.

To stay in the capital did not make sense, since it is impossible to go anywhere, but here, in the village, on the contrary – the fresh air, other people can not interfere. And to parents is quieter, when I’m around. They have many animals, but this time using mainly needed in the garden, since the period of planting”, – admitted the football player.

Some players of the Kiev club spend time on the computer playing CS: GO. Recently, the Dynamo defeated the team of Alexander Zinchenko.


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