Donald Trump : his bank account details disclosed by its spokesperson (by mistake)

Donald Trump : ses coordonnées bancaires dévoilées par sa porte-parole (par erreur)

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Friday, may 22, Kayleigh McEnany, has made the cost of an excess of zeal. Wanting to illustrate the generosity of Donald Trump at the press conference, the spokesman of the White House inadvertently revealed the data of the personal bank account of the american president.

New blunder in the White House. Once is not custom, this is not Donald Trump, which is at the origin, but its new spokesperson, Kayleigh McEnany. Friday, may 22, during a press conference, this last showed to the cameras the $ 100,000 cheque made by the president u.s. Department of Health and social Services of the United States, to contribute to the fight against the sars coronavirus. A gesture that was immediately noted by users, as shown on that cheque all bank details personal Donald Trump.

Without surprise, the photographs of the document have made the rounds of social networks in a few hours. A golden opportunity for the hackers to hack the account of the president, as an official of the u.s. administration told the New York Times that the White House is “not used[has] never checks dummy in [his] briefings”. However, the clumsiness of Kayleigh McEnany is not expected to have serious repercussions, as specified by the president and executive director of the Identity Theft Resource Center’s Eva Velasquez.

“Make an example”

According to this, Donald Trump, unlike an average citizen, has certainly protection systems strengthened its bank account, making it impossible for his piracy on the basis of a simple photo. So far, Eva Velasquez acknowledged that it was “not wise to share publicly this information”, emphasizing the lesson to be learned from this blunder. “It’s one of those situations where it is very important to make an example”, she assured. There is no doubt that Kayleigh McEnany, freshly named the 7 last April, will remember that.

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