Disparagement, flavor SNC

Dénigrement, saveur SNC

Photo: Paul Chiasson, The canadian Press
The systematic denigration of Quebec by the rest of Canada relies solely on the address of the headquarters.

See the liberal federal government thrown into a crisis by a jewel of a “province” on the corruption… The rest of Canada rarely miss the opportunity to break sugar on the back of Quebec, and the” affaire SNC-Lavalin ” has been easily recovered for this purpose. Yet…

Without discernment between legal person and natural person, 55 % of Canadians say that the charges of fraud and corruption against SNC-Lavalin should be the subject of a criminal trial, according to a survey conducted by Nanos Survey, unveiled in the beginning of the week. Otherwise, 35 % of respondents would prefer measures of recovery, and 10 % do not yet know what to think. The responses from quebec are more divided, but contrast all the same, with 48 % opting for corrective action and 41 % saying they are favourable to a trial, and 11% undecided.

There is a difference between Quebec and the rest of Canada on the future of the giant of the engineering. A giant that has an origin in quebec and a head office in montreal, but whose presence is mostly international, so canada. Canada occupies today that 17 % of its global workforce grew to more than 52 000 employees, and 31% of its $ 10 billion annual revenues. Of the approximately 9000 employees canadian SNC 3400, or 37 %, are in Quebec, 3000 in Ontario and 1000 in British Columbia, with the remainder divided between the other provinces. CNS is a partner in the express Network of metropolitan and a member of the consortium Group Signature on the St. Lawrence river, chosen for the design, construction, financing, operation and maintenance of the new Champlain bridge. He is also the owner of Candu Energy, a Mississauga-based company claiming the nuclear reactors of the same name. Also a partner in the toll highway e-407 International in the greater Toronto area and in the transmission line toronto Crosslinx Transit, in the extension of the metro system SkyTrain to Vancouver, a minority partner for the city of Ottawa, in the construction of the Line of the Confederation. In short, a dozen projects in Canada, mainly in the form of PPP.

This canadian presence only brings him, however, that 31 % of its annual revenue, and accounted for 44 % of the backlog of a company that, at the end of 2017, drew 23% of its revenue from infrastructure, compared to half coming from the sectors Oil and Gas and Energy. As to ownership, it wants to be rather diffuse. The Caisse is the largest shareholder with a stake of nearly 20 %. Follow, away last, the investment funds managed by Royal Bank (6.2 %) and other institutional managers, including the Canada pension Plan (2,1 %), installed at Bay Street for almost all of them.

Investigations of the RCMP

The systematic denigration of Quebec by the rest of Canada is, therefore, based only on the address of the headquarters. As to the nature “corrupted” in Quebec, it is true that CNS is the target of criminal charges filed in the framework of the Law on the bribery of foreign public officials (CFPOA). Which are not consolidated not mean the monopoly of Quebec in matters of foreign bribery. According to the list of investigations concluded displayed by the RCMP, it belongs to an ontario company (Cryptometrics) to have been the first trial under this law, adopted in 1998 and amended in 2013. And that you have received the first conviction of a leader. According to the data of the royal canadian mounted police, a Calgary firm (Griffith Energy) claims the most important financial liability under this act. Two other alberta-based businesses complete the list of investigations concluded.

What about the presence of canadian mining abroad, especially in Africa and Latin America ? And stories that are sometimes dark corruption, blaming also the use of methods of exploitation to environmental effects, economic and social questionable ? The increase in cases has prompted Ottawa to sanction the Law on transparency measures in the extractive sector, in December 2014. In Canada, the headquarters of the active mining abroad are concentrated in Toronto, at least a large scale in Vancouver.