Disappointments right after 150 days of government caquiste

Déceptions à droite après 150 jours de gouvernement caquiste

Photo: Ryan Remiorz, The canadian Press
François Legault photographed the evening of the victory of the CAQ in the general election

What assessment of the first months of the government of the CAQ ? Is it the image of what his supporters hoped for ? The “Duty” went to the meeting of its base yesterday and today. The first of a series of three texts.

After blinking to the right for years, the Coalition avenir Québec (CAQ) is quickly installed in the middle lane after his arrival to the orders of the State, there are approximately 150 days. Supporters of the first hour, will they be on board ?

“If quietly not quickly one is able to go more to the right, it would be nice. It’s nice to give 50 % of our pay [the tax], but… ” replied Anthony, intoxicated from a soft leather scent car. The Duty has crossed the international auto Show of Quebec. Behind him, his daughter is mirrored in the body of the displacements in order to find the most glittering of the centre de foires de Québec.

The resident of Sainte-Catherine-de-la-Jacques-Cartier does not hide his support for the proposed third road link between the two shores, that the CAQ has supported without reservation before being called to form the government. In 2022, it will judge the team of François Legault first of all, depending on the progress made in this folder.

At the heart of the DNA of the CAQ, there is the idea of coalition. […] And a coalition, it brings together a lot of people.

— Youri Rivest

At the other end of the trade fair centre, in the hall of arcades, Karine shakes the stroller of her baby, while following the race car driven by his older. “I am a daughter of char ! I like to come and see the different cars, ” she said. Despite the condition that she testifies for the nice cars, the resident of Beauport, it is not the third link. “I don’t need to cross the bridge. I’m doing “, she noted.

Karine does not hide his misgivings with regard to the nursery for 4 years. “I find that this is not useful. What is in place already, the CPE, that is correct, ” she said.

Invest or cut ?

The prospect of a CAQ, which has advocated the reduction of the size of the State, to invest up to $ 700 million per year in this program, in fact, smile — to start with the former adéquistes.

The willingness of the government Legault to keep the private sector out of the healthcare network and to maintain the new register of arms also cringe here and there.

But it’s probably the refusal of the government to redistribute the entire surplus earnings of Hydro-Québec, which has shocked the most the electorate. At the auto Show, they were many, to have swallowed wrong. Message understood, it is said in the entourage of the prime minister, in less than a week the tabling of the first budget.

The radio host — and ex-adéquiste — Éric Duhaime wrote recently on Facebook that” in 5 months, the CAQ [had] been denied at least 5 of its major commitments ” : the refund of overpayments of Hydro-Quebec was on the top of the list. Follow the “refusal” to make oil and gas exploitation as well as the maintenance of the 14% increase in vehicle registration fees of motorcycles, the firearms registry and the Ethics and religious culture course (“ERC”). “Do you think that François Legault is moving away from his base, those who voted CAQ, in order to be pleasing to the bobos of the Plateau-Mont-Royal ?” he asked.

The CAQ would she have lost sight of the values of the Action démocratique du Québec, with which it merged in 2012 ? No, ” replied Christian Lévesque, former mp adéquiste become a public relations consultant. “For the moment, I would say that there is still a honeymoon. […] It is as if the people had understood that one could not have everything, but at least the changes in major construction, ” said the strategist. “I have not felt the side of the former adéquistes that they were offended. “

Youri Rivest, consultant and strategic analyst for the CAQ during the campaign, judge that the party is in a comfortable position. “There might be a danger if there were a conservative party strong at the provincial level. […] But at this moment, there is nobody. Therefore, the CAQ can really cast the net very wide “, he believes.

A compromise around the secularism

At the auto Show, many voters seemed willing to live with some of the ” disappointments “… provided that the CAQ continues to focus on the lowering of the threshold of immigration, and the prohibition of religious signs in government employees in a position of coercion, as well as teachers.

This is the case of Andrew, a father of the family of Lac-Saint-Jean, with whom The Duty has chatted in front of a ladybug vintage. He was disappointed by the measures taken to protect the caribou at the expense of the pulp and paper industry, in which he works. The maintenance of a register of weapons “useless,” the afflicted also. But François Legault has “met its end in some folders like the accommodations,” he said. “Instead of trying to please everyone, he kept a straight line. He said he was, he did. This is when even that. “

Two retired members of the Québec region met at the entrance of the exhibition, Herman and André, hold the same discourse. When asked what they most want to see happen by the end of the mandate, they answer in chorus ” secularism “. Having successfully integrated the discourse of QAF, on the threshold of immigration, Herman launches that it should ” take less [of immigrants], but take care of it “.

The two friends refuse to be described as voter of the right. “I’m left-of-centre “, said Andre, pointing out that he has “voting Block” to the next federal election.

Youri Rivest recalls that” at the heart of the DNA of the CAQ, there is the idea of a coalition “. “And a coalition, it brings together a lot of people,” he concludes.


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