Dillian white wants to fight in the UFC with Ngandu

British heavyweight of Gillian white expressed a desire to fight under MMA rules in the UFC with Francis Ngandu. White said that he is ready to fight with Ngandu also according to the rules of Boxing and kickboxing.

“Yes, I will fight in the UFC. Fight by Boxing rules, one — by rules of the mixed single combats. Tell Dan white, let them be in touch with me. I’m ready to fight Ngandu. I knock him out. He has a very weak chin, and it is cowardly. I would have knocked him out, believe me.

If you want to start with fights by rules MMA, then let’s do it. If the first is the fight by Boxing rules, that’s fine too. I agree even in Muay Thai. Let come to blows with me according to the rules of kickboxing. I am ready to sign a contract for three fights”, — quotes the words of Dillian white TalkSPORT.


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