Different realities: a day like today Chicharito was presented as a Manchester United player

    Different realities: a day like today Chicharito was presented as a Manchester United player

    Premier League described the signing of Chicharito Hernández as one of the best in history (Photo: Twitter / @ManUtd_Es)

    Today marks eleven years since Javier “Chicharito” Hernández arrived at Manchester United, one of the most prestigious teams in the world to make his dream of playing in the old continent.

    The image that adorned the first page of the newspaper The Guadalajara Informant in the morning of April 8, 2010It was Javier Hernández with a huge smile while holding a Red Devils jersey.

    At just 21 years of age, he surprised Mexican football with the Chivas de Guadalajara jersey at the 2010 Bicentennial Tournament. His great performances were enough for him to be signed by the English squad.

    Before travels through Europe took him from Old Trafford al Santiago Bernabeu To play for Real Madrid, from there to Bayer Leverkusen and finally to La Liga with Sevilla, Hernández was a young man who barely added three appearances with the Mexico National Team. Just a year before leaving, he reached a starting position with Chivas. Chicharito had even thought of giving up football.

    Different realities: a day like today Chicharito was presented as a Manchester United player

    Chicharito Hernández in his presentation with Real Madrid (Photo: AFP)

    Nonetheless, the deal was closed and Hernández was already in Manchester. The Premier League of the Ferguson era and a Manchester United that was a strong candidate to prevail in the Champions League represented the maximum elite of the time.

    Few people had been able to see the same as Jim Lawlor, Manchester United’s chief scout, who learned of Chicharito’s existence thanks to Marco Garcés, former Pachuca player, who had studied in Liverpool and knew him.

    Hernández had very peculiar characteristics compared to any Mexican player who had come to Europe. He was much less technical, but had speed in his feet and a level of mental acuity far superior to the other players, in and near the area.

    Lawlor and Ferguson saw a footballer with great understanding of the movement in the opposite area, able to overwhelm the defenders and remove them from their position, combined with an almost obsessive way of looking for ways and getting the ball across the net. That hunger for a goal was one of his greatest virtues (just look at the goals scored with the back of his neck and his face).

    Different realities: a day like today Chicharito was presented as a Manchester United player

    Current Mexican striker for the Los Angeles Galaxy, Javier “Chicharito” Hernández. (Photo: Marcelino Benito / EFE)

    During his first campaign as “Red Devil”, Chicharito lifted the Premier League and Community Shield titles. He scored 20 goals in all competitions. In addition, he was a starter in the UEFA Champions League final, where his team lost to Barcelona.

    He soon won the affection of the fans and not just those of his team. For the second season he scored 10 goals and gave two assists, and equalized scores for the third season with five assists. In the UEFA Champions League, He participated in 24 games out of 35 played, scoring seven goals and one assist. In the Europa League he added two goals, as well as six goals in the FA Cup and the League Cup, respectively.

    However, everything took an unexpected turn after the arrival of Louis Van Gaal to the United bench. Javier went from glory to living dark moments, since the Dutchman discarded him: so He only played 840 minutes in the season, scoring just three league goals.

    In 2014, Chicharito left the Red Devils to join Real Madrid. In the Spanish capital they celebrated the arrival of the man from Guadalajara and he captured the people with his charisma; especially children. It was common to find small meringues fans wearing the 14 jersey.

    Different realities: a day like today Chicharito was presented as a Manchester United player

    This Thursday marked the 11th anniversary of the Mexican signing with the Red Devils (Photo: Twitter / @ManUtd_Es)

    Hernández, participated in 23 league games out of a total 36. He completed 5 of them, scored 7 goals and provided 7 assists. He also participated in the Copa del Rey, getting a goal and two assists. In the Champions League, he played only 90 minutes in 8 games, but the only goal he scored was key, as it was against Atlético de Madrid to make the merengue team move to the semifinals.

    After his stay at the merengue club, Chicharito returned to Manchester United with very little participation. His activity was limited to 23 minutes in the Premier and 44 in the Champions League. ANDSo it led him to sign for Bayern Leverkusen in 2016. In Germany he shone again, scoring 28 goals and providing 6 assists in 54 games played.

    On September 2, 2019, La Liga announced the return of Hernández, this time with Sevilla. His time in the Spanish squad was not as expected, he could barely play a few minutes and his stay with the team was reduced to only six months. After playing two Copa del Rey games, nine in the league and four in the Europa League, the man from Guadalajara left for the MLS, the LA Galaxy.

    Different realities: a day like today Chicharito was presented as a Manchester United player

    Javier “Chicharito” Hernández in a training session prior to a match against Trinidad and Tobago. Mexico City, Mexico, October 3, 2017 (Photo: Daniel Becerril / REUTERS)

    Currently, at 32 years old, Chicharito is not living his best stage as a scorer in the neighboring country’s squad. Due to his constant injuries, the forward’s productivity has fallen as well as his value. Javier left the Sacred Herd when he was worth 6 million euros according to Transfermarkt, a figure that rose to 22 million when he was with Bayer Leverkusen in 2016. But now that he is part of MLS it is worth, barely 500 thousand euros more than when he left the rojiblanco team.


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