Desjardins remits $ 5.5 million in rebates

The five Desjardins caisses in Saguenay are providing $ 5.5 million in individual and group rebates to their 105,000 members. The caisses recorded a business volume of nearly $ 7 billion, an increase of 5% over the previous year.
At the end of their annual general meetings, the caisses announced that they will pay $ 5.5 million in rebates, including $ 842,000 through their community development funds.

Their assets increased by approximately $ 184.6 million, reaching $ 3.35 billion. The results have enabled the Saguenay caisses to donate $ 1 million in donations, sponsorships and through the community development funds to hundreds of organizations over the past year.

The caisses also pursue their mission with the youth. This year, the Loan for My Bursary contest, which offers $ 110,000 in scholarships to students at the professional, college and university levels, has been renewed. The My Finances, My Choices program also continues in the Cégep de Jonquière and the Carrefour jeunesse-emploi Saguenay. This financial education program is designed for young people who want to improve their financial literacy to make informed decisions and make good choices as a consumer, student or worker.

Two business incubators were also launched in collaboration with Promotion Saguenay. They help entrepreneurs to realize their projects.

The five Desjardins caisses in Saguenay employ about 400 people, which represents more than $ 20 million in salaries and benefits annually.

Alan Carter
Alan Carter
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