Denis Glushakov: maybe I’ll play in a t-shirt Spartak

Midfielder Grozny, “Akhmad” Denis Glushakov, who played for Moscow “Spartak” and “locomotive”, said that does not rule out a return to the camp red-and-white.

“Waiting if match “Akhmad” with “Spartakom” in Moscow? Did not look away, we have match after match went on. I am a player, and in any case would have played against “Spartak”.

Who knows, maybe I’m still in a t-shirt “Spartak” will play. Why not think about it? I’m always open. I write a lot and wishes, and with good words,” said Glushakov in the program “Insiders” on TV channel “Premier Match”.

Earlier Glushakov, who played in “Spartacus” from 2013 to 2019, and remembered the championship of the Moscow club. Three years ago, on 7 may 2017, “Spartak” became the champion of the Russian Premier League season 2016/2017.

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