Dementyev: before leaving for the ocean youth need to understand that the NHL there might not smell

Hockey agent and expert Alexei Dementiev spoke about a new wave of emigration of young Russian players in North America.

“Will we see a new wave of departure of our players, including young overseas? About young hockey players and their departure in the NHL you can say that it is too loud and high words. Because, in my opinion, it is the young players first need to go through all the circles of hell in North America, playing for various lower League before you expect to get into the NHL. Let’s see how old our boys who went overseas at a very young age, spent in the American League (AHL), League East coast (ECHL), before receiving the right to play its opening game in the National hockey League.

We must pay tribute to those people who have gone through all this and endured. But how many examples of young players who are unable to walk this path that is broken! So before you make such a serious step to the alleged departure in the NHL, you need to understand that the best League there may not smell for many years”, — quotes the words Dementieva


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