Death of Chantal Bellehumeur

Décès de Chantal Bellehumeur

Photo: Michel Boulianne
Chantal Bellehumeur has left the company Danse Partout in 1986, while Luc Tremblay took over for a few years.

Dancer and choreographer Chantal Bellehumeur (known under the name of the artist Chantal Belhumeur) died Thursday as the result of cancer. Ms. Bellehumeur was founded with his partner, Claude Larouche, the dance company Danse Partout, the first company of professional dance in Quebec city, as well as the dance school which was an affiliate of.

Ms. Bellehumeur had previously danced as a soloist and taught for les Grands Ballets canadiens, whose school was then a branch in Quebec, ” said Mr. Larouche. In 1976, Ms. Bellehumeur, who was a fellow at the school of dance company Martha Graham in New York, away from the dance classic to get closer to contemporary dance, and became choreographer for his company. “It was pretty close to José Limón,” says Mr. Larouche, who describes his choreographic style of ” lyrical “. “There were traces of his classical training [in his works],” he continues, ” but with movements that are more free. “When les Grands Ballets canadiens close their school of Quebec, Ms. Bellehumeur opened its doors in 1978. “She did not deny the relevance of classical technique, who taught at the school,” says Mr. Larouche.

“We do not have a method to measure the authenticity of the creative act, we read in the genesis of the company Danse Partout, in the archives of the École supérieure de danse du Québec. Nevertheless, we believe we can affirm that, as a group, we aim to further the truth that the fact. Each person to discover in our work the degree of truth to which we arrive. “

Mrs. Bellehumeur has left the company Danse Partout in 1986, while Luc Tremblay took over for a few years. The company has since closed its doors, and the school of dance became the dance School of Quebec.

After leaving Dance Around, Mrs. Bellehumeur has created three solos, one of which, Madamoiseau, was presented in collaboration with Danse-Cité, Montréal.



A previous version of this article, which reported that the spouse of Ms. Bellehumeur was named Norman Larouche, has been corrected.