Davydov: the champion can be determined by the results of the regular season. Although the “AK Bars” would be a shame

Three-time Olympic champion Vitaly Davydov gave his opinion about the possible suspension of the season of the Continental hockey League.

“In my opinion, such a scenario is inevitable. The fact that the situation is an emergency, it became clear in the NHL, is better than anyone in the world considers money and which, despite huge financial losses, stopped his season. We in the KHL not so much money, how much we lose, we don’t need to risk it. It is necessary to announce a break.

Hockey in front of empty stands — it’s not hockey. Saw this during a series of “Dynamo” — “Spartak”, when five games with the audience was a celebration of hockey and the sixth without the fans — has been more of a torment. My opinion — it is necessary to suspend the playoffs for a few weeks, and then to look at the situation and believe in medicine and science. We have half of March and April, you can move the playoffs in late spring. Moreover, the world Cup is likely to be canceled.

And you can simplify the situation. This season already played a full championship of the 62 matches, according to its results and determine the winner of the Cup of Gagarin and to all winners. Thus don’t lose the history for a season and save the sports principle. CSKA Moscow won the championship smooth. In our time, a champion would also become the winner of such a tournament, nothing questionable here don’t see this is true. Another thing is that in this scenario most offensive of all is “AK Bars”. Kazan the entire finish of the championship was the first, but in the last game of the tournament lost home “Motorist” has lost the championship CSKA” — quoted Davydova Russia-Hockey.

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