Dating site … for business opportunities!

Trois-Rivières – “This is a dating site for business opportunities.” This is how one of the founders of Sysquote, Mathieu Courchesne, describes the platform developed by this new technology company that aims to connect buyers and sellers. And its launch in Trois-Rivières will be accelerated by a partnership with the Manufacturers of La Mauricie and Center-du-Québec (MMCQ), which will make this product known to businesses in both regions over the next two years.
C ‘is a futile attempt to find a web tool that would allow him to know the business opportunities in real time that the developer had the idea to create his own web platform. This makes it possible to put buyers and sellers in contact by promoting the exchange of relevant information in the bidding process. The system is completely free for buyers who want to use Sysquote.

“The tool allows the reduction of costs related to the management and launching of tenders in addition to making the Department of Supply profitable through the granting of rebates. Indeed, for every dollar generated by the tender, the company will receive an advantageous financial reward, “it was explained.

At the vendor level, this platform drastically reduces the cost of representation by obtaining real-time business opportunities specific to their areas of expertise. It allows them to promote their products at the right time when the organization is ready to buy. This tool is also free for sellers.

“However, those interested in participating in a tender must pay a small pre-determined fee based on the value of the bid,” it was said.

On the MMCQ side, entrepreneurs and managers of manufacturing companies have been seduced by the platform, especially since one of the challenges facing the sector is currently productivity.

“It is also one of our areas of intervention, MMCQ. It is precisely at this level that the platform intervenes, avoiding hours of research and calls for submissions. We are all the more proud to associate with it that it was developed by entrepreneurs on our territory, “concluded President Cyrille Morvan, speaking of the importance of having” the right part, as quickly as possible, to the best quality and the best price.

Alan Carter
Alan Carter
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