Dany Boon : his brother, accused of enjoy the misery of the people, he replica

Dany Boon : son frère accusé de profiter de la misère des gens, il réplique

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The containment has upset the daily lives of millions of French. To continue to work, some are forced to be resourceful. This is particularly the case of Philippe Hamidou, the brother of Dany Boon, who continues to work in the North as a seller of pizza. Accused of enjoy the misery of the people, the brother of the famous actor did not hesitate to replicate.

Since mid-march, France is as under bell. Like many other international countries. The economy is shrinking and many areas are impacted, as the medium of instruction. And on the other hand, there are those who continue to work. This is particularly the case of Philippe Hamidou, the brother of Dany Boon. Unlike the director of Bienvenue chez les Ch’tis, the northern origin has not left the Hauts-de-France. A region that he crossed off-and-on since it takes a truck to pizza.

In spite of the health crisis that touches the Hexagon, Philippe Hamidou takes to ensure deliveries to the destination of the people of fragile health. A situation that has not escaped some people, as we learn from the article of our colleagues from the Voice of The North. “Last week, one user has criticized the continuation of the activity of its trade, implying that Philippe Hamidou would take advantage of the situation, can be read. Allegations on which Philippe Hamidou wanted to get back in order to provide a right of reply, stating : “If we are there, it is because our trade to help people, but also because I want to save the jobs of two of my employees”.

Give employment and continue to have a professional activity are the priorities of Philippe Hamidou. Now only remains to know how long it will take. According to him,for the month of march, it’s going to go, we are not in the negative. I could sure pays. For April, we’ll see”. The controversies ? The brother of Dany Boon swept it to the back of the hand.


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