Cultural heritages at the Darling Foundry

Héritages culturels à la Fonderie Darling

Photo: Adrian Morillo
View of the exhibition Night School David Armstrong Six.

As indicated in the director of the Darling Foundry, Caroline Andrieux, during the visit of the press, our time is the heterogeneity. And the two exhibitions presented in these days in its centre exemplify what some describe as well, since a few decades, as post-modernity. Already, in the 1980s, the art critic René Payant explained how the installation — which, according to him, would be the name postmodern work of art — requires the viewer to be intellectually the jump between the elements of the eclectic make up, in order to construct meaning. It was the time when the essayist Guy Scarpetta was talking about impurity…

In the great hall of the Darling Foundry, the exhibition of David Armstrong Six, curated by Andrieux, is an installation that deals with the current state of the art and of the world. The exhibition is formed of three sets of a mixed bag of sculptures : more organic forms that seem to copy nature are placed on the ground, structures that are more anthropomorphic amounted fragilement in the space and half-cylinders that evoke pipes manufactured industrially create strong horizontal lines… then add a few drawings placed in height…


Héritages culturels à la Fonderie Darling

Photo: Simon Belleau
View of the exhibition “Vapor” by Guillaume Adjutor Provost

These sculptures on display appear to be produced by a variety of means ranging from the size of the casting, through the footprint and assembly. These forms of carvings and sometimes give the allure of organic, animal or vegetable, sometimes of the appearances of mineral. It is almost a history of the sculpture which “leads” to these half-cylinders, which are reminiscent of Sun Tunnels (1973-1976) that the land artist Nancy Holt created in the desert of the Great Basin in Utah.

This work speaks to us of the weight of the history of sculpture, of the art, but also the civilizations that weigh heavily on the artist and the citizen contemporaries. The artist sembre torn apart between these different sections, trying to learn, to retain the maximum of this past. This exhibition, entitled Night School certainly refers to the teaching that art to the new generations dives in the shadow of the past… But these works insist a lot on the notion of footprints — some of the prints are literally those from the soles of shoes — also evoke the notion of ecological footprint that humanity leaves on the planet. A story, in fact, sometimes a heavy one to carry.

Russian dolls

In the small room of the Foundry, the installation of Guillaume Adjutor Provost, curated by Ji-Yoon Han, also deals with the transmission of the story. The centre of the expo is organized around the “tables” grouped under the following title : We are already no longer the same.

These images, composed of ink, acrylic and engraving on aluminium, give to see ink stains similar to those developed by the psychoanalyst Thomas Rorschach in 1921 for his test to become famous. In these spots, non-figurative, the patient had to project the sense… Adjutor Provost has not used the ten original boards that Rorschach had developed, but has instead generated some of the spots that his successors have built in the spirit of the master. In a form of mise en abîme, he shows us how ideas spark the imagination, the interpretation and appropriation in a kind of projection close to the mechanics of the Rorschach test.

To spin even more this idea of the interpretation and ownership as the engine of human thought, Adjutor Provost has invited his expo two other artists to come and engage in dialogue with his work. Julie Aspen presents a video that plays on the dialogue, and ownership. Entitled” Marcel Broodthaers in conversation with Hideaki Anno and Akhenaten, this animation brings to the stage a poem by the belgian artist reiterated inspired by the famous director of cartoons and a pharaoh… And then, this work will result in a performance of Guillaume B. B. during the months of April and may from a platform already integrated in the expo.

In fact, this work tells us how there is story that in the rewrite.

Night School

David Armstrong Six. Curator : Caroline Andrieux.


Guillaume Adjutor Provost. With the participation of Julie Trembles and William B. B. Curator : Ji-Yoon Han. At the Darling Foundry until 12 may.