Costa broke the self-isolation. President, Juventus will decide his future

The Juventus defender Douglas Costa broke the self-isolation in Brazil and can now be punished by the President of the Turin club Andrea Agnelli, reports the Daily Mail.

Recall, March 21, Costa left Italy before the end of the quarantine and returned to Brazil. However, the defender does not observe the rules of isolation. Girl Brazilian published a photo where they are together with the player are comfortable.

Коста нарушил самоизоляцию. Президент «Ювентуса» примет решение о его будущем

Photo: Photo: “Instagram” Natalia Felix.

The President of Juventus Agnelli will now take a decision on the fate of Costa and other players of the club who left Italy during the pandemic coronavirus.

Recall, the pandemic coronavirus were announced on March 11. For the first time previously unknown form of the disease was registered in the end of 2019 in Wuhan (Hubei province, China). Since then the virus has penetrated in more than 150 countries. In the world recorded more than 530 thousand cases of infection. Was more than 24 thousand deaths. The number of infected has recovered more than 122 thousand


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