Coronavirus, Russia: the latest information on the number of infected athletes

Today, March 26, in Russia there were revealed new cases of infection with coronavirus among athletes. Became aware of the midfielder as “Leningrader” Maxim Astafiev, and one of the best players in the world Erwin Ngepet, who plays for Zenit, he was discharged from the hospital.

On 1 March it became known about the first infected with the coronavirus in Russia. He was an employee of the RFU, player-Amateur David Berov, and he soon recovered.

March 3, coronavirus was confirmed at two members of the Russian team Gazprom-RusVelo — Igor Boev and Dmitry Filippovich. Later test positive for COVID-19 were obtained from their teammate Dmitry Strakhov.

March 18 for half an hour before the start was canceled by the start of Junior superiority of Russia in ski racing. The reason was the suspicion of a coronavirus skier Vladimir Rybkin. On 20 March it became clear that the analysis of the presence of the virus in the body of an athlete is not confirmed. The athlete appealed to the followers in social networks.

On March 17 it became known about the first case of infection with coronavirus in Kazan. Infection was diagnosed in a citizen of France, one of the best players in the world, outside hitter of Zenit Kazan Erwin Ngatata. On the same day midfielder “Ufa” Olivier thill was taken to hospital with suspected coronavirus. The player passed two tests and both showed negative, what then informed the leaders of the “Ufa”.

Earlier in mass media appeared information about the possible infection of the coronavirus, Russian hockey player Nikita Zaitsev, the speaker of the National hockey League (NHL). However, his father denied this information.

On 24 March it became known about the infection of coronavirus, a former player of “Zenit” Maxim Astafiev. Currently 37-year-old stands for “Leningrad”.

On March 26, was discharged from the hospital Ngepet, the infection of which was known earlier.

Flash COVID-19 was recorded late last year in Wuhan (China). March 11, the world health organization declared the epidemic a pandemic. As at 26 March in Russia over 840 confirmed cases of infection with the virus.


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