Coronavirus, Mandatory Use of Mask for Outdoor Sports Galicia

    Coronavirus, Mandatory Use of Mask for Outdoor Sports Galicia

    There are still doubts about the use of face mask when it comes to practicing sports outdoors. And it is that state law is limited to saying that in outdoor spaces the mask will not be required for athletes who exercise individually.

    However, the Board, After consulting his legal counsel and taking refuge in the “lack of rigor” of this new rule, he decided that he can continue to demand the use of a mask when playing sports outdoors. Above all, by sharing space with more people, that is, in urban areas or beaches, to give two examples.

    A Coruña Local Police with a batch of masks (Photo: A Coruña City Council)

    In Galicia, yes

    Therefore, in Galicia it will be necessary to continue using face mask to go for a run along the promenade of a city or town. Also for cycling on an urban bike path or any other modality that is practiced in crowded areas. Another question is whether this individual outdoor sport is practiced in more remote places. The scenario would change into a hiking march through the bush or a jog on a forest track. Then, the permissiveness would be greater, as the Minister of Health specified this week, Julio Garcia Comesaña.

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