Copa Libertadores: Boca, River and their possible groups of death

    Copa Libertadores: Boca, River and their possible groups of death

    Known the hype of the group draw on April 9, a portfolio of speculations is opened. The crosses with Brazilian cuckoos and trips to the height that could occur, and with whom they will not be able to share an area.

    The Conmebol already announced this Thursday the conformation of its drums for the draw of the Libertadores Cup 2021, agreed for April 9. And, while Phase 3 is completed, which will be completed by the members of Pot 4, the fans of Boca and River already speculate on which areas could touch them.

    The Brazilian cuckoos in the Copa Libertadores

    Members of Pot 1, the seeded one, the Xeneize and the Millionaire look askance at 2, where Internacional and Atlético Mineiro they are the most relevant teams. Nacho Fernández plays in the latter, so River could come to face him if fortune so decides.

    Other important rivals could be Guild and Santos, and even join other Brazilians for coming from Phase 3, the only one that allows two teams from the same country to join in a group. To enter Pot 4 Gremio still has to overcome Independiente del Valle de Ecuador and Santos, current runner-up, San Lorenzo.

    The possible national crossing in the Copa Libertadores

    In the same way, In the event that the Cyclone eliminates the Brazilians, it will also be possible to share a group with Boca or River, for coming from Phase 3, and the always uncomfortable national crossover in international settings.

    The “tall” rivals in the Copa Libertadores

    Another fear of always in the draws is dealing with, in addition to any fierce cup rival, a visit to the height. This edition is not the exception in terms of the menu of chances of it happening for the Argentine giants: League of Quito it is a possibility, inhabiting Bombo 2 at 2800 meters above sea level.

    In number 3, for his part, he worries The Strongest of Bolivia, with the even higher altitude of Peace (3600 meters). In Pot 4, the Bolivian Always Ready It is local in El Alto, more than 4000 meters away! But in principle, calm down: your stadium is not enabled for the Cups due to lighting reasons, so these days their fans will vote to decide if they will be local in La Paz, Cochabamba (2500 meters) or Potosí (4000). Of course, this last option would be the one that would maintain the high-flying spirit of your locality.

    In the same ciborium he could also classify Independent of the Valley if it surpasses Gremio, and usually works as a local in Quito. And there is also the chance of Bolívar, another from La Paz, that he must first leave Junior de Barranquilla de Colombia behind.

    The rivals that Boca and River already know they will not face

    Being Argentines not from Phase 3, it will be impossible for them to meet Racing, Defensa, Vélez and Argentinos Juniors, while by sharing the hype of seeds they will not be seen in principle with Palmeiras, Flamengo, San Pablo, Nacional de Montevideo, Cerro Porteño and Olimpia.

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