“Complete carelessness!” Kiryakov called for tough measures against violators of the quarantine

The former striker of the national team of Russia Sergey Kiryakov believes that the authorities must toughen penalties for violation of quarantine.

“The isolation I have is within normal limits. Understand that it is necessary and conditions I appropriate — closed village near Moscow. Here I can walk, there is a forest and fresh air. Also has its own Playground, where my son is involved, he needs to keep in shape as he trains at the Academy of “Zenit”.

Omissions — a necessary measure. Not all citizens take the situation seriously. Every day I watch the news and watching as the new day brings sick and dying. All growing quite well. Unfortunately, as I said, many Russians is not stopping. It’s part of our mentality.

I lived for many years in Germany and I know that there are very disciplined people. All they follow or try to follow the recommendations. We have a little different picture, and tough measures, which have now, will be tightened. They will help to reverse the situation, in another way. Many are disregard. I speak with many friends not only from Moscow and St. Petersburg, but also from the regions — we have a full carelessness. Nobody understands the seriousness. I’m for tough measures,” said Kiryakov in conversation with the correspondent of “Championship” Pavel Levkovich.

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