Colombian clubs could not receive Brazilians

    Colombian clubs could not receive Brazilians

    The closing of borders seeks to prevent the Brazilian variant of the coronavirus from spreading in Colombia, since this strain is more contagious and lethal, which has caused that in the country samba is registered more than 4,000 deaths per day.

    In addition, Colombian health authorities expect that the third peak of the pandemic will have its highest point in late April and early May, a time for which the measures would be stricter and when the group stages of the Copa Libertadores and Sudamericana will be played.

    Consequently, it seems pIt is unlikely that the Brazilian teams will have authorization to land on ‘coffee’ soil. In fact, there was no permission for the selection of that country in the South American Qualifiers, so the programming arranged for the last week of March had to be canceled.

    Now, the problem is for Colombian teams with rivals from Brazil in continental tournaments, since They would have to find an alternate venue to receive them as already happened in a previous phase to Ayacucho FC of Peru, which must have been local to Gremio de Brasil in Ecuador because the same restriction operates on Inca soil.

    On the other hand, it would be almost impossible for the Colombian squads to go to Brazil and return, therefore, the matches as a visitor could also be altered, since the National Government has not made exceptions so far.

    Colombian teams with Brazilian rivals:

    • Santa Fe: must face Fluminense in group D of Libertadores.
    • America: will have to face Atlético Mineiro in group H of Libertadores.
    • National: He would play against Atlético Goianense if he falls to group F of the Sudamericana.
    • Junior: it would collide with Fluminense if it advances to group D in Libertadores, and against Ceará if it falls to group C of the South American.
    • Tolima: must face Bragantino in group G of Sudamericana.
    • Equity: It would be measured with Gremio if that team manages to reach group H of Sudamericana

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