Coach Rémi Garde like the state of mind that reigns within the Impact

L’entraîneur Rémi Garde aime l’état d’esprit qui règne au sein de l’Impact

Photo: Tony Avelar Associated Press
Midfielder Ignacio Piatti had to jump above the defender and Earthquakes Harold Cummings in the second half, last Saturday.

The Montreal Impact has not played a single one of his 34 games of the regular season of the MLS, but nothing prevents the players to show, already, a certain dose of optimism and positivism. Rémi Garde says besides perceive such an atmosphere within his troop.

Head coach French has made the observation on Tuesday during a media scrum at the Centre Nutrilait, before players move to the Complexe sportif Marie-Victorin for the first three days of training in quebec soil this week.

Looking back on the 2-1 win against the Earthquakes in San Jose Saturday, in California, Custody is said to have seen the behaviors that have left a favorable impression. And not only on the field, where the home side recovered after having given advance notice to his rivals at the 11th minute of the game.

“Draw conclusions in football, it is still very dangerous, because every Saturday, it is questioned, warned Guard in response to a question on the degree of mental strength of his players. Now, it is true that the solidarity that there is in the group, the current state of mind allow me to say that there are good signals. “

Asked to clarify, the Guard is focused on what he noticed on the side lines. “I’ve seen behaviour on Saturday for players who had not started the game, or who hadn’t even set foot on the lawn, which were those of players who had scored a goal or made a stop special. It, it really is what you play football, for what it is a team sport.

“It may not last all season, but today [Tuesday] — and I pointed out after the match, this is one of the reasons why ona obtained this victory “,-he said.

Moreover, it is questionable whether these positive vibes have not already started to spread among amateurs. Depending on the direction of the team, the Impact had its best first weekend sales to match individual with more than 1000 tickets sold for various meetings of the regular schedule, when only the days of Saturday and Sunday.

If the degree of satisfaction was high following the victory of the Impact in San Jose, the Guard was also aware that not everything has been perfect.

“I think we should do better in the second half, move back a little less, he analyzed. I think our pressure in the middle of the field was a little less strong, the first shutter curtain also fell a little bit, which has meant that over the past fifteen minutes, it was a little too low. It has not suffered the onslaught of the opponents, because I believe that they have not managed to get into the repair area. They hit often far a little bit out of spite, I would say. But this is not a situation that I would like to see reproduce. “

The first strike

Author of the net victorious, a goal of any beauty towards the end of the first half, Saphir Taïder abounded in the same sense that Keeps. He also stressed the importance for the Impact of the first strike face the Dynamo in Houston on Saturday afternoon.

“It is always positive to have an error to score and win, but if we can avoid giving the first goal, and it is even better. Maybe it would have been able to avoid it. It will have to be attentive in Houston not to take a goal too early, because after, we must redouble our efforts. “

In anticipation of this second of six matches in a row abroad, the Guard was not able to tell if Harry Novillo, wounded with a thigh, to be able to play his first game in the uniform of an Impact.

“Harry has passed exams [Monday], which showed that his injury was really on the point of closing. We will follow it throughout the week. I hope I can count on him pretty quickly. Is this going to be at the next game ? It is still a little too early to tell. “