Coach of “Zenit” Scanavino: I believe that Russia knows how to deal with the epidemic

Coach Petersburg “Zenith” for physical training Andrea Scanavino commented on the situation with the spread of the coronavirus.

“The situation with coronavirus in Russia? I can only judge from their point of view, I don’t have a full and objective picture of what is happening. The championship of Russia on football and other competitions are suspended. All players are now trained by the coaching staff developed individual plans to support optimal fitness, being at home. Because of this I spend more time in the center of the city, where they live, and not to mention the lack of tourists. In restaurants and other similar establishments the number of customers, it seems, has fallen to a minimum, if you believe the empty tables visible from the street. It is obvious that the shadow of the coronavirus hovers over St. Petersburg. However, I categorically refuse to believe that this could be a tragic situation similar to today’s Italian. I believe that Russia knows how to deal with it”, – quotes the words of Scanavino “Business Petersburg”.


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