Coach Bayer: can’t hold Caverta this summer, the transfer will be € 100 million

The head coach “Bayer” Peter Bosch spoke about the work with 20-year-old midfielder team Kai Hovercam. Earlier it was reported about the interest in Haverty by many clubs, including Bayern Munich.

“Haverty only 20 years old, but this is his fourth season in the Bundesliga. That says a lot. Everyone in Germany considered him a child Prodigy. Pleasure to work with him — smart guy, plays the piano.

We sold Brandt to Borussia Dortmund last summer. Suddenly Havers began to attract more attention. On it a lot before the winter break. We lost in the Derby with “Cologne”, and after three days lost “Hertha” of the house. Suddenly the whole stadium started to Boo him. After that, he was devastated. “Why do people hate me?”. Had to explain that it’s not about hate, it just happens.

We will not be able to keep Caverta next summer. It will transfer 100 million I would say, more than € 100 million”, – quotes the words of the Bosch AD.


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