Claire Keim and Bixente Lizarazu confined : how the couple supports the containment

Claire Keim et Bixente Lizarazu confinés : comment leur couple supporte le confinement

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For nearly fifteen years, Claire Keim and Bixente Lizarazu spin the perfect love. They are currently confined with Uhaina, their 11 year old daughter. But their relationship could be weakened by this containment ? The singer responded to the issue in an interview granted to Purepeople.

While some of the French live their containment alone, others have the chance to share this amazing experience with the family. This is particularly the case of Claire Keim, who has accepted to open the door of her privacy to Purepeople. His ” thoughts go to all of the caregivers as a priority “ who struggle every day against the coronavirus that has already killed more than 1,500 people in France. ” Disbelief “ in the face of those who continue to go out and that she cannot understand, Claire Keim lives confined. The program, storage, cleaning, and ironing. Once the chores are done, the actress must improvise a professor of school for her daughter Uhaina, 11 years.Not as strict as Sylvie Tellier, who participates every year at the concert of the Enfoirés wants to leave a little bit of freedom.

“The situation is sufficiently uncomfortable to add rules. My daughter works when she wants to, and so I find that it works rather well, I trust him, it is understood that this is not a holiday, but I let it organize itself as it sees fit “, tells Purepeople the mother of 44-year-old would dream a lot of children. ” We make games, of cooking, of the sort in his room, the music also, but she is overwhelmed with all his buddies online “, adds the companion of the footballer Bixente Lizarazu for nearly 15 years. And also, side couple’s life, in what consequences can have this containment ? In China, an increase in the number of divorces has been observed, then how do they not get there ?

How is it going with Bixente ?

“I would have to give the slightest hint ! We do what we can, we try to have a little more patience and indulgence, it tries to guess the weather from the other and one fits the day “function, says to Purepeople the actress who was in a break after a long shoot. A good timing that does not, however, to grind sometimes black.

“There are days that are lighter than others, I am at the mercy of the slightest emotion… fear, hope, doubt, anger, compassion, gratitude… a whirlwind of feelings are extreme and contradictory sometimes “, analysis Claire Keim who is suffering of not being able to see his parents in this period of confinement.


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