Chudinov is about coronavirus: to be honest, bought toilet paper and buckwheat

The defender Omsk “Avant-guard” Maxim Chudinov said what during the quarantine due to the coronavirus. Recall, the season of the Continental hockey League was completed ahead of schedule.

“The time in quarantine I spend in Balashikha. Sitting at home with the family, take care of children, training and rehabilitation.

Purchased whether in store? To be honest, I bought a couple of packs of buckwheat and pasta, and, of course, toilet paper and different tissues.

With regard to visits to public places, go out of the house, but not in crowded places. Of course, now we have not such a rich life, which was to coronavirus”, — quotes the words Chudinov Sport24.

Flash COVID-19 was recorded late last year in Wuhan (China). March 11, the world health organization declared the outbreak COVID-19 pandemic. The vast majority of sports tournaments around the world cancelled. The national hockey League temporarily halted the League, the exact timing of the end of the break is unknown.


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