Christophe Beaugrand “does not need to TPMP to do his work” : the answer scathing of Cyril Hanouna

Christophe Beaugrand « n'a pas besoin de TPMP pour faire son travail » : la réponse cinglante de Cyril Hanouna

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When Christophe Beaugrand stated on Twitter not to be in need of TPMP to do his work, Cyril Hanouna response. The tone was fierce between the two hosts.

Christophe Beaugrand, smooth, Cyril Hanouna replica. It is in a little exchange of tweets virulent than the two television personalities were launched on 26 march. It all began when the columnist from the morning of the LCI has made a call on account : “you may have heard of these caregivers that receive messages terrible in their neighbourhood (…) If a nurse concerned me bed, it gives you the word tomorrow on LCI” One of its subscribers had replied : “Thank you but we already know the story. Thank you TPMP”. A comment that did not please Beaugrand : “Oh, sorry I don’t watch this show, and I don’t need it to do my job, thank you.”The first blow is struck.

Cyril Hanouna has obviously not wanted to let this little tackle.“Calm you my baby!!! Not take the fly, it is in a period of containment mollo the maggot ! Not attack the viewers!”, he replied the one that is currently presenting his show from his home.“Kisses and forgets the wars of the string at this point in time, it is not the priority.”It is being said.

This is not the first time that Christophe Beaugrand speaks about TPMP. It must be said that Hanouna is his band are far from being big fans of the moderator : regularly, they have strongly criticized. A few years ago, Gilles Verdez had made it his specialty. The young dad was using him often Twitter to respond, such as when he was posting with his dog to “turn to those who love you really” rather than those “who drool over you in your back”. Has Tv Leisure, it had been less tender, stating the same : “Their stock-in-trade is to throw up on the work of others. Me I have nothing to answer to them. Me I’m working, I’m not talking about the work of others”. The tone was set.


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