Chlorophyll sold at Cote-Reco

Chlorophyll changes ownership. Cote-Reco, a company that owns the Shoes Pop brand and has its head office in Deschaillons, has acquired it. The goal is to expand the outdoor apparel manufacturer.
The owner of Cote-Reco, Michel Cote, said he wanted to maintain the network of Chlorophylle stores found throughout Quebec. He sees a natural link between the two companies.

“We acquired Chlorophylle’s assets because we believe in the brand and are convinced that there is a natural connection between us and Chlorophylle. This acquisition will enable us to play an important role in the supply of outdoor clothing in Quebec and Canada, “he said in a statement.

The former shareholder and general manager at Chlorophylle, Marc Tremblay, thinks that this transaction will “preserve chlorophyll DNA”. Chlorophylle’s administrative offices will remain on Racine Street.

According to the new owner, who currently operates 225 retail stores in the province, the majority of jobs will be retained.

Bankruptcy avoided

The flagship of the regional economy was close to bankruptcy three years ago. With debts of $ 7 million, Chlorophylle had to restructure and close some stores.

Alan Carter
Alan Carter
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