Chivas. Fans face Vucetich on his arrival at CDMX

    Chivas. Fans face Vucetich on his arrival at CDMX

    The arrival of Guadalajara to Mexico City for your game tomorrow before Blue CrossIt was not quiet at all.

    Chivas fans approached the coach Victor Manuel Vucetich, to “tighten” it and demand that the team “weigh”, to show that “it is great”, because they are already fed up with “not obtaining results”.

    At the exit of the Guadalajara team to the corridors of the Terminal Two of the Mexico City International Airport, the protocols were broken, the fans approached the players to hug them, ask for autographs and photographs.

    Some players stopped to please them, although by security protocol to avoid contagion, it should not be done.

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    When it came out Vucetich, was the last to do so, the group of fans approached him but not to ask for autographs or photos, but to ask the team for results. “We already want to win Vucetich“they yelled.”We no longer want to be ashamed“, It was heard.

    Before the call King midas As he got on the bus, fans surrounded him to speak with him briefly, in an act that in South America is known as “squeezing him.”

    The pressure on the flock is great, if he does not win this Saturday on the Azteca court, it would practically be very difficult for him to enter the playoffs. Chivas is the 15th place in the tournament with only 13 points.

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